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University Portfolio

This page contains some highlights of the work that I performed during my degree at the University of Sussex, while studying for my BSc. in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

HCI: Heuristic and Contextual Task Analysis of TVTag (formerly GetGlue)

A report written for the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) course, which evaluates the GetGlue/TVTag application and suggests ways it could improve.

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Computer Vision: Feature Detection and Matching (Detecting Correspondences)

A report on how to perform feature detection and matching in MatLab, concluding in a demonstration of how to detect correspondences in 2 images and work out the distance between the 2 cameras taking the pictures.

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Acquired Intelligence and Adaptive Behaviour: Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Robots Portfolio

My portfolio from the AIAB Course showing neural networks, genetic algorithms and robotics (application).

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Acquired Intelligence and Adaptive Behaviour: Subsumption Architecture using the Lego Mindstorm NXT

A presentation on using the Lego Mindstorm to mimic braitenberg vehicles. Goes into Subsumption Architecture and how much larger AI Robots function.

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Placement at BlackBerry: Placement Poster

Poster describing the work I performed while at BlackBerry on a placement year.

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Generative Art: Evolutionary Art using Genetic Algorithms

My presentation from the Generative Art course, part of the AI department. Performed as part of the coursework.

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Generative Art: Assessing Progress in Computational Creativity Research (Presentation)

Presentation on assessing the progress in computational creativity.

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Final Year Project: Spectrum Poster

Poster on my Final Year Project, the Spectrum app for Android.

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