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This page contains applications that I have developed in the past and are available for download.

Java Game: Asteroids

This is a very simple Asteroids game with different ships, sound effects and animations.

It is written in Greenfoot (a Java Framework) and requires that you download Greenfoot (available at and run it as a Greenfoot Project.

[Part of my University Projects]

Java Game: Minesweeper

This Java Swing Application, based on the bundled Windows game, which generates small, medium and large map sizes with a leaderboard and other advanced features implemented.

Download and run as a JAR File.

[Part of my University Projects]

Java Game: Interactive Checkers with Minimax AI

The classic game of Checkers, implemented in Java Swing and using a recursive mini-max AI search to play competitively against a human player.

The AI scores can be shown in the interface to help teach the player how the computer generates its response.

You can edit how much depth is used in the search. Play it as a JAR File.

[Part of my University Projects]

JIRA Plugin - Extended Application Navigator Bar

Improve productivity by switching between applications faster!

This plugin adds a dynamic top navigation bar for moving between Atlassian applications that have been linked with an application link.

This plugin does not require any additional configuration (it doesn't add any configuration pages) and respects the settings you have configured in your applications' relevant 'Application Navigator' section, such as hiding certain applications, adding other links to the top-bar and you can also choose to only show certain applications or links to users who are members of a certain group.

Either install directly from the Atlassian Marketplace, or download as a JAR and install manually by uploading it to the UPM of the application (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket Server, Bamboo, FishEye/Crucible).


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